dedicated pharmacy refrigeration

The new PharmaGuard refrigerator range meets all of the latest regulatory specifications for consistent temperature control and is ideally equipped for medicines.

PharmaGuard refrigerators are manufactured in an SABS and ISO certified facility. Packed with a host of unique features and supplied with a 12 month warranty, this new refrigeration line is proudly made in South Africa to meet international standards.

• Advanced thermostat for improved temperature stability
• Proven to maintain temperature between 2°C to 8°C
• Quick temperature recovery after new stock or door open events
• Even temperature distribution
• No freezing of vaccines
• Retractable shelf baskets
• Optimal air circulation
• Orderly packing of stock
• Convenient stock rotation

PharmaScout endorsed

Your PharmaGuard refrigerator can also be equipped with the unique PharmaScout monitoring system. At the heart of the system are 6 PharmaScout digital temperature probes. If the temperature changes, the built-in modem sends an SMS alert to your cellphone and email so you can attend to the problem. It’s like having a 24 hour bodyguard watching your medicines and ensuring they don’t spoil.

In addition to the automated 24 hour temperature monitoring and alerts, PharmaScout also creates monthly temperature reports, annual mapping and calibration, as well as compliance reporting.

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